Advises for Bakery Shops


Advises for bakery business for who is bakery business owner or want to open a bakery business. We have compiled the points you need to pay attention to and our suggestions that will make you stand out. In this article, we offer baking tips to help you run business and be successful.


Budget Planning

Budget planning is very important for your bakery business. Always be prepared for emergencies and budget your operations carefully. Have a detailed expense table of personnel payments, maintenance costs, raw material costs. In this way, you can easily calculate your profit margin and expand your business by allocating an investment budget to your business.



We would like to emphasize the importance of hygiene especially in the food industry. Taking care to keep the production and sales part clean at all times will make it easier for you to be prepared for sudden inspections. If you are going to open a new bakery shop, you should make sure that the shop where you will open the bakery is easy to clean and there are absolutely no plumbing problems. Making simple choices about design will make the workplace look more hygienic and spacious.


Product Variety

The assortment helps attract the customer. At this point, the part you need to pay attention to will be your cost and process management. It is important that you deliver the supply in an amount that will fully accept the demand. You have to be stable and aware of what you can do. You don't want to create an unsustainable surge in business and then quickly deflate like a bubble.

Promoting your new products and highlighting that product will increase your sales. At this point, your product positioning is important.

In our digitalizing world, you should also consider promoting on social media and adding an online store and selling your products online. You can also consider making deals with food ordering sites.



To have a legitimate online presence, your bakery business must have a website. A well-designed, SEO-optimized website will make it easier for customers looking for baked goods to reach you. You also need to add your business location and contact information to Google maps.



Social media is another way to reach customers in our age. Therefore, create business pages on social media and update them regularly. Share your products and introduce yourself. You can better evaluate the feedback you receive from customers and improve the operations of your business.


Find Online Delivery Platforms

Most of the customers prefer to consume the products at home. Agreements with online delivery platforms will include this audience among your potential customers. You will also need to integrate it into your website. You can check Grubhub, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats.

Use Inventory Management System

With the inventory management system, you can easily control the shelf life and date of products. These systems will provide you with serious convenience in the control of stale products, especially in the food sector.

Make Collaborations

Your bakery business should cooperate with suitable local businesses in the surrounding area. For example, you can procure products from the restaurants around you, or you can make a deal with a florist and create campaigns such as cake + flowers. This will increase your sales.

Keep Up With The Update

Adding vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, allergen-free products to your assortment will both make you different and attract the attention of your customers. Do good market research in your area, try new trends and make changes according to your observations.


Bakery Equipment

In order to facilitate your business in your growing business, to keep up with demand and of course, to produce quality products, it is important that you provide the right bakery equipment from a reliable supplier. We, as ATS, are trying to serve you with our many years of experience and knowledge in the sector. You can reach our bakery equipment by clicking here.


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Flour Storage Tips


Flour storage way is really important because the most important initial material of bakeries. By the way flour is one of the foods whose life is shortened as soon as the package is opened. Flour can be used for a very long time if its package is kept in a healthy way. Therefore, a few tricks about flour should be well known.

Store in Refrigerator

If your refrigerator does not contain moisture, the most suitable place to store flour is the refrigerator. As long as it is not on the shelf of vegetables and foods that emit moisture, it can stay in the refrigerator. However, if there is moisture and wetness and your flour is affected in some way, then it will spoil as soon as possible. Those who intend to store it in the refrigerator should not be deceived by the cardboard and durable nature of the flour container. Therefore, a large bag should be passed over it. The bag will prevent the flour from getting air and moisture. But we have better suggestions.

An ordinary flour can stay in the refrigerator for about 1 year as long as it is not expired. As long as it is protected from moisture and getting wet, you can use it by getting inside. Flour will start to turn yellow and smell after the expiry of its usage time.

Keep Away From Inspects

The other problem of flour is infestation. To stop infestation, there are many way. Use the bayleaf, the most useful way to stop infestation. Bayleaf keeps the flour fresh and keep away flour from inspects.

Use Glass Container

Using glass container, the best way for store. Because, glass won’t condense.

Do It Right

Briefly, if you put a few leaves of bayleaf in your glass storage container, you can easily use it for 8-9 months. In this way, it does not become infested and does not go stale. After all if you are an bakery manager, you can manage to improve the quality of the material by storing the flour, which is the main ingredient of the bread that you will produce in the Steam Tube Oven machine, correctly.

Bakery System

Bakery System

Bakery system particularly includes ovens, dough processing institution and auxiliary system group. it is viable to consider the patisserie organization, which includes some products specialized for the patisserie area, as a separate group. Now, let's get to understand these organizations a little bit.

Oven group

The most basic unit of a bread generating commercial enterprise is a bakery or bakeries. Bakery system is very important for bakeries work process. Nowadays, it's far viable to look more than one kind of oven in a enterprise. There are ovens referred to as with exceptional names depending on the characteristics of the product to be cooked. Allow's get to realize the leading ones in brief. Deck ovens with a couple of cooking cabinet on pinnacle of every other are very common today. Every cabin can be managed one by one. By means of being positioned on top of every other, they provide plenty more firing within the unit area. The warmth is evenly dispensed among the shelves through conduction and radiation. If there's no fabric to cook in some shelves, it's far feasible to store warmth through stopping the heating of those shelves.

Rotary trolley ovens are oven kinds in which the fabric to be cooked in trays placed on top of a wheeled tray trolley is constantly rotated at some stage in cooking by way of a mechanical means. With this rotation, it is ensured that each one elements of the products are cooked similarly. By placing the trays on top of every different, the unit can produce lots greater bread in the area. Because of that rotary trolley ovens are significant part of bakery system.

In companies generating bakery system merchandise, maximum multi-deck ovens and rotary trolley ovens are used. Aside from these, there also are oven types which include oil ovens, tunnel ovens (single or multi-deck, twine or stone base), pizza ovens, electric powered ovens.

Dough processing group

Dough processing group is the call of the product institution inclusive of bakery system machines that perform many operations which include flour sifting, dough blending, dough resting, dough weighing and reducing. Now permit's get to recognise the primary gadgets on this organization.

Dough mixing machines allow water and flour to be jumbled together certain proportions to shape dough. It is able to be of diverse sizes and functions. Dough resting machines where the blended dough is rested for a while and fermentation is ensured, dough weighing and slicing machines that permit the dough to be weighed and reduce in line with the product to be produced, shaping machines wherein the plan product to be produced is given, long bread shaping system, conical dough turning machines are also crucial components of the dough processing organization of bakery system.

Auxiliary equipment group

In firms generating bakery system products, many auxiliary equipments are used with a purpose to increase manufacturing performance and quality, in addition to bakery and dough processing machines. Flour storage structures permit flour to be saved independently of external impacts. it's miles in particular vital to keep the flour free of moisture and at a steady temperature. usually, flour generators ship the flour as sifted, but just in case, the groups sift the flour again with sifting machines before the dough is mixed. For the first-class of the dough, the amount of water used and the dose of water must be adjusted nicely. those adjustments, which are made with the eye of experienced bread masters, are now made with machines nowadays. a few merchandise ought to be presented to the patron in slices, not entire. Bread slicing machines are used for this reason. In some bread slicing machines, it's miles possible to provide diverse aesthetic shapes by way of using one extra blade. various packaging machines had been developed to percent the goods and make them geared up to be supplied to the purchaser. Water cooling machines that provide cooling of the water used in dough mixing, air con machine that regulates the temperature and humidity of the operating surroundings, pan emptying machines and pans are other crucial auxiliary


For learn to current market size of bakery processing equipment and more you can take a look at this.


We represent our experience and knowledge in food processing industry with the bakery equipment and bakery machines that we are selling to our valuable customers. Today, with the 30 different models in the portfolio of bakery and pastry equipment, we become a leading and one of the most trustable manufacturer within our industry. We supply complete production lines as well as medium and small size individual machinery and bakery equipment for global market. Our combination of experience, production line equipped with the latest technology, well-educated and trained human source and the best raw material selections; we assures our customers an efficient start-up, durable bakery machinery and flawless productions. ATS is continuously works for refinement and innovation by using customer feedbacks, market demands and latest technology. Our goal is always develop bakery equipment beyond expectation and to provide solutions which our customers will find us indispensable. We encourage you to have a look at our wide range products presented in the website. Hope to see you as an ATS customer soon.

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Experienced Technical Team

We are well aware that experienced team workers are a key factor for success in the business. That is why we are trying to work together with such a players and doing our best to involve them in our company. ATS team members has minimum 7 years, maximum 22 years experienced in the sector. By the way we would like thanks the valuable workers who dedicated themselves to develop the business.




Video Records Are Lunched For The Bakeries We Furnished

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Full Protection For Machines

We are fully protecting the machines against any damage might be happen during the transportation. After the final test of the machines, they are fixed on pallet and covered with two layer of protectors. Machines are also covered with wooden crate to avoid any damage might be caused. For overseas shipment, we are attaching humidity absorbers into crates also. By the protecting our machines like a child, we are guarantee you a good start and a smile on our client`s face. 




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New ATS website released. You can find more about our company, products and services we are providing with the newest website. Please do not hesitate to contact with us for your requests, questions and comments.




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