Advises for Bakery Shops


Advises for bakery business for who is bakery business owner or want to open a bakery business. We have compiled the points you need to pay attention to and our suggestions that will make you stand out. In this article, we offer baking tips to help you run business and be successful.


Budget Planning

Budget planning is very important for your bakery business. Always be prepared for emergencies and budget your operations carefully. Have a detailed expense table of personnel payments, maintenance costs, raw material costs. In this way, you can easily calculate your profit margin and expand your business by allocating an investment budget to your business.



We would like to emphasize the importance of hygiene especially in the food industry. Taking care to keep the production and sales part clean at all times will make it easier for you to be prepared for sudden inspections. If you are going to open a new bakery shop, you should make sure that the shop where you will open the bakery is easy to clean and there are absolutely no plumbing problems. Making simple choices about design will make the workplace look more hygienic and spacious.


Product Variety

The assortment helps attract the customer. At this point, the part you need to pay attention to will be your cost and process management. It is important that you deliver the supply in an amount that will fully accept the demand. You have to be stable and aware of what you can do. You don't want to create an unsustainable surge in business and then quickly deflate like a bubble.

Promoting your new products and highlighting that product will increase your sales. At this point, your product positioning is important.

In our digitalizing world, you should also consider promoting on social media and adding an online store and selling your products online. You can also consider making deals with food ordering sites.



To have a legitimate online presence, your bakery business must have a website. A well-designed, SEO-optimized website will make it easier for customers looking for baked goods to reach you. You also need to add your business location and contact information to Google maps.



Social media is another way to reach customers in our age. Therefore, create business pages on social media and update them regularly. Share your products and introduce yourself. You can better evaluate the feedback you receive from customers and improve the operations of your business.


Find Online Delivery Platforms

Most of the customers prefer to consume the products at home. Agreements with online delivery platforms will include this audience among your potential customers. You will also need to integrate it into your website. You can check Grubhub, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats.

Use Inventory Management System

With the inventory management system, you can easily control the shelf life and date of products. These systems will provide you with serious convenience in the control of stale products, especially in the food sector.

Make Collaborations

Your bakery business should cooperate with suitable local businesses in the surrounding area. For example, you can procure products from the restaurants around you, or you can make a deal with a florist and create campaigns such as cake + flowers. This will increase your sales.

Keep Up With The Update

Adding vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, allergen-free products to your assortment will both make you different and attract the attention of your customers. Do good market research in your area, try new trends and make changes according to your observations.


Bakery Equipment

In order to facilitate your business in your growing business, to keep up with demand and of course, to produce quality products, it is important that you provide the right bakery equipment from a reliable supplier. We, as ATS, are trying to serve you with our many years of experience and knowledge in the sector. You can reach our bakery equipment by clicking here.


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Flour Storage Tips


Flour storage way is really important because the most important initial material of bakeries. By the way flour is one of the foods whose life is shortened as soon as the package is opened. Flour can be used for a very long time if its package is kept in a healthy way. Therefore, a few tricks about flour should be well known.

Store in Refrigerator

If your refrigerator does not contain moisture, the most suitable place to store flour is the refrigerator. As long as it is not on the shelf of vegetables and foods that emit moisture, it can stay in the refrigerator. However, if there is moisture and wetness and your flour is affected in some way, then it will spoil as soon as possible. Those who intend to store it in the refrigerator should not be deceived by the cardboard and durable nature of the flour container. Therefore, a large bag should be passed over it. The bag will prevent the flour from getting air and moisture. But we have better suggestions.

An ordinary flour can stay in the refrigerator for about 1 year as long as it is not expired. As long as it is protected from moisture and getting wet, you can use it by getting inside. Flour will start to turn yellow and smell after the expiry of its usage time.

Keep Away From Inspects

The other problem of flour is infestation. To stop infestation, there are many way. Use the bayleaf, the most useful way to stop infestation. Bayleaf keeps the flour fresh and keep away flour from inspects.

Use Glass Container

Using glass container, the best way for store. Because, glass won’t condense.

Do It Right

Briefly, if you put a few leaves of bayleaf in your glass storage container, you can easily use it for 8-9 months. In this way, it does not become infested and does not go stale. After all if you are an bakery manager, you can manage to improve the quality of the material by storing the flour, which is the main ingredient of the bread that you will produce in the Steam Tube Oven machine, correctly.

Soft Dough Processing Machine

The soft dough processing machine produced for the first time in Turkey by ATS Bakery Equipment will provide you convenience in your products with high water content in the dough. Let's look at how did it was. The water added to the dough differs according to the usage areas. For example, the amount of water used in the making of bread causes differences in the quality and gluten content of the bread due to the minerals it contains. Doughs with high water content have more air particles than normal bread.


Therefore, it is very difficult to shape, control and cut doughs with high water content manually without the help of a machine. For this reason, our machine provides you convenience in terms of time-saving and the number of personnel to work. Installation, use and cleaning of the machine are very easy and practical. It is activated quickly, and you can use the whole system with one person. You can cut and shape it without any problems with the soft dough processing machine. For example, it can give short, long, angular, ciabatta bread shapes.


Numerical Data of Soft Dough Processing Machine


When we look at the numerical data of the soft dough processing machine, click for detailed specifications, you will see that its hourly capacity takes 12 thousand pieces of dough and you can process between 30 and 1000 grams of dough with a water content of up to 70%-80%. With the help of the automatic dough loading system and the flouring system located at different points of the soft dough processing machine, it will allow you to obtain planned doughs with certain proportions.


You can enter the recipes of your products and control all other functions from the touch screen on the soft dough processing machine. After purchasing the machine and starting to use it, you will not need to buy a machine again if you want to use optional parts, enlarge the machine park, and increase its diversity. Because you can add the pieces you want later to the soft dough processing machine, which is produced with an innovative design.


Bakery System

Bakery System

Bakery system particularly includes ovens, dough processing institution and auxiliary system group. it is viable to consider the patisserie organization, which includes some products specialized for the patisserie area, as a separate group. Now, let's get to understand these organizations a little bit.

Oven group

The most basic unit of a bread generating commercial enterprise is a bakery or bakeries. Bakery system is very important for bakeries work process. Nowadays, it's far viable to look more than one kind of oven in a enterprise. There are ovens referred to as with exceptional names depending on the characteristics of the product to be cooked. Allow's get to realize the leading ones in brief. Deck ovens with a couple of cooking cabinet on pinnacle of every other are very common today. Every cabin can be managed one by one. By means of being positioned on top of every other, they provide plenty more firing within the unit area. The warmth is evenly dispensed among the shelves through conduction and radiation. If there's no fabric to cook in some shelves, it's far feasible to store warmth through stopping the heating of those shelves.

Rotary trolley ovens are oven kinds in which the fabric to be cooked in trays placed on top of a wheeled tray trolley is constantly rotated at some stage in cooking by way of a mechanical means. With this rotation, it is ensured that each one elements of the products are cooked similarly. By placing the trays on top of every different, the unit can produce lots greater bread in the area. Because of that rotary trolley ovens are significant part of bakery system.

In companies generating bakery system merchandise, maximum multi-deck ovens and rotary trolley ovens are used. Aside from these, there also are oven types which include oil ovens, tunnel ovens (single or multi-deck, twine or stone base), pizza ovens, electric powered ovens.

Dough processing group

Dough processing group is the call of the product institution inclusive of bakery system machines that perform many operations which include flour sifting, dough blending, dough resting, dough weighing and reducing. Now permit's get to recognise the primary gadgets on this organization.

Dough mixing machines allow water and flour to be jumbled together certain proportions to shape dough. It is able to be of diverse sizes and functions. Dough resting machines where the blended dough is rested for a while and fermentation is ensured, dough weighing and slicing machines that permit the dough to be weighed and reduce in line with the product to be produced, shaping machines wherein the plan product to be produced is given, long bread shaping system, conical dough turning machines are also crucial components of the dough processing organization of bakery system.

Auxiliary equipment group

In firms generating bakery system products, many auxiliary equipments are used with a purpose to increase manufacturing performance and quality, in addition to bakery and dough processing machines. Flour storage structures permit flour to be saved independently of external impacts. it's miles in particular vital to keep the flour free of moisture and at a steady temperature. usually, flour generators ship the flour as sifted, but just in case, the groups sift the flour again with sifting machines before the dough is mixed. For the first-class of the dough, the amount of water used and the dose of water must be adjusted nicely. those adjustments, which are made with the eye of experienced bread masters, are now made with machines nowadays. a few merchandise ought to be presented to the patron in slices, not entire. Bread slicing machines are used for this reason. In some bread slicing machines, it's miles possible to provide diverse aesthetic shapes by way of using one extra blade. various packaging machines had been developed to percent the goods and make them geared up to be supplied to the purchaser. Water cooling machines that provide cooling of the water used in dough mixing, air con machine that regulates the temperature and humidity of the operating surroundings, pan emptying machines and pans are other crucial auxiliary


For learn to current market size of bakery processing equipment and more you can take a look at this.

Hamburger and Sandwich Bread Line

I will talk about the privileges of ATS Bakery's hamburger and sandwich bread line. At first, I should note that our hamburger and sandwich bread line is a product like no other in its class in Turkey. In this article, I will tell you about the technique, cutting section, intermediate rest, shaping and decking section features.

What makes us unique?

One of the most feared parts of the machines is a failure. Finding out where the fault is, asking for help to solve it, is quite a waste of time. If there are electrical and electronic failures in this machine, you can see it as a picture on the screen and be warned by writing. The settings of the machine are made from the PLC controlled touch screen. When you want to get detailed information about click PLC. If you experience a malfunction through the PLC program on the machine, remote access is immediately provided and reinstalled. Our machine is resistant to high-temperature changes. The cleaning of the machine is very easy, and you can easily remove and install its working parts and bands. Another feature that makes it easier to work is that you can save all the information in its memory, you can save the information you want and use it as much as you want. You can also adjust the speed level on all bands of the machine.

You will see that the body of the machine is 304 quality chrome nickel CRNI stainless metal and its parts are 304 CRNI coated stainless metal. This will allow you to obtain healthier and more hygienic products. When we go to the cutting section; dough can be cut between 40-140 gr in our machine. The hourly figures we will get are 10 thousand pieces for hamburger dough and 8 thousand pieces for sandwich dough. Very little flour is used during the cutting process and you can adjust the amount of flour you want to use. In addition, the machine does not require continuous lubrication during cutting and the lubrication process is adjusted automatically. In this way, you will get rid of both flour and oil waste, and you will get more hygienically cut products. Another feature that differs from other machines is that the dough is cut without pressure. In this way, your dough will not wear out and you will have the same quality products.

Another part is resting. This is the part of the products to be shaped. If you do not rest the dough you have cut, you may see shape changes on it after cooking. For example, cracks and ruptures may occur. Since the dough is cut and impacted by the cutting machine, its weights are adjusted, and it passes to the intermediate resting section. Here, the dough is taken into bowls and the resting process begins. There are 140 dough carrying bowls in the resting part. There are 3 baskets in each bowl and 120 of them are used as full, 20 of them are for return. Baskets carrying these doughs are made of polymer material. It is a material that is easy to clean and does not harm the product. The fastest resting time is 2.5 minutes, but it is possible to operate without resting. You can use the passbands at the bottom to use the product without skipping this section. If you use the crushing band in the shaping part, you will give the dough a round shape. If you want to obtain a long sandwich-type dough, you should use the shaping pad unit. The doughs coming out of this place are put in a single row so that they do not mix with each other in the sorting band, and then they pass to the laying band. In this area, processes are operated by smart eye sensors, depending on the PLC. In the laying part, since there is automatic pan sorting, corrugated and flat pans enter the queue directly. When you want to look at the dimensions of our oven pans. If the pans are not in the right places, the machine stops and gives you a warning on the screen. Thus, you will not experience product loss. 

Dough Sheeter

In this article, we will see the features of the dough sheeter, which is a product of Ats Bakery Equipment. When we look at Ats Bakery Equipment before, it is a professional and reliable company in its field as a manufacturer of bakery and pastry machines. Click here to see our other products.

Let's look at what kind of convenience awaits you when you buy the dough sheeter from ATS Bakery Equipment products. First of all, if we start with why the dough rolling machine is necessary; It is a machine that will save you qualified personnel and time in sectors such as bakeries, patisseries and restaurants.


How do get the dough is the rolling out that has been without breaking the standard?


How do we obtain rolled out dough with the same dimensions in the desired thickness without any changes in its structure? The most difficult step after preparing the dough is the rolling out part. When not using a dough sheeter; the thinness of the dough that is rolled out, the tears that occur when opening, and the changes in its structure due to waiting to affect the product to be made. Tearing is the most time-consuming problem in dough rolling. As you waste dough, it also causes a great waste of time. At this point, the dough sheeter will allow you to make more profit from time and employees.


General features of the Dough Sheeter


When we look at the general features of the dough sheeter, we can see that issues such as its stainless body, ease of maintenance and cleaning, quiet operation, and the use of countertops due to its small size come to the fore. The time to open the dough will also give you comfort in the size of the dough. With the help of a dough sheeter, you can adjust the thickness and diameter of the dough and get your dough rolled out in the dimensions you want in a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 seconds. Dough sheeter: you can adjust the thinness and thickness settings on the roller out and you can easily change the dimensions of the dough whenever you want.

Ats Bakery Equipment

When we look at our main services of Ats Bakery Equipment; You can see that there are bakery machines manufacturing, semi-fully automatic bakery system, turnkey projects, consultancy service, outsourcing, after-sales service and spare parts, refurbished bakery equipment, furnishing supermarket ovens, bakery machines for artisan bread and pastry machines for kitchens.

Single and Double Color Mosaic Cake Machine

For example, if we look at our single and double color mosaic cake machine, it is a useful fully automatic dry cake production machine suitable for medium and large workshops, patisseries, and bakery product manufacturers. One of the most beautiful features is that you can make many different products on the same machine, if you want to see the features in order, click on the single and double color mosaic paste machine. When the pans are arranged in the system collectively by the user, the empty pans are taken and sent to the machine loading system. Since it runs the pans automatically, it arranges the dry cakes automatically.

In this way, it can be easily used by one person and is important for the correct use of human resources, moreover, its screen is touch sensitive. When you buy the machine from Ats Bakery Equipment, 9 product moulds will be sent free of charge. The fact that all parts of our single and double color mosaic cake machine are made of stainless steel gives you and your customers confidence as they are durable, hygienic, and harmless to nature. Click for the importance of stainless steel. Especially recently, one of the problems of consumers is that the products they buy show differences such as taste and size. Another comfort area provided by the machine that will allow you to appeal to a certain audience is your recipes that you can save in the machine's memory. In this way, you can repeat the products you saved later and offer unique tastes to your customers. Another feature that makes cakes a product of attraction is the colors on it.

Considering that the most consumers are children and young people, we can see how important the colors are. What sets Ats Bakery Equipment apart from other companies is the double engine in the (for detailed information) depositor. Thanks to the double engine, you can control the thickness and injection rates of colored products. This will allow you to obtain colorful products and to know their dimensions.

When you order this machine, you will be able to save on shipping costs as the pans will be loaded disassembled. If you request products such as pan trolley, powdered sugar machine and mixer besides the machine, we can supply them.

After You Order

When you choose Ats Bakery Equipment, we ship wherever you are in the world. If you are a bakery operator or are thinking of running a bakery, you can reach the tips we have prepared for you on our page and request consultancy from us. We support especially those who will enter this sector in the right machine selection, raw material supply, interior decoration preparation, workflow plan and marketing activities.

When you receive our products, we want you to know that we are very sensitive in the process of reaching our valued customers. When we finish the final tests of the machines you purchased, we first fix them on the pallet and then cover them with 2 layers of protective cover. We provide the shipment of machines in wooden crates against threats that may come from outside. We put the moisture-absorbing bags in boxes to prevent them from being damaged by moisture during overseas shipments, and as Ats Bakery Equipment, we do our best with the latest technologies to help you get off to a successful start.

Dough Weighing Machine

Today we look at the dough weighing machine features from ATS Bakery Equipment. The most important convenience that awaits you when you buy the dough weighing machine is that your weight problem will be over.

Since the dough weighing machine, which has been developed with new technologies, makes a dough weight measurement system, the weights of all your doughs will be the same. Due to this feature, which is of great importance especially in patisseries and bakeries, all your products will be in the weights you specify. Thus, waste of dough is avoided, and you can easily adjust the equal weight of your products.

Therefore, what happens to the dough that has more than the desired weight on the dough weighing machine? When the doughs come into the system, the ones that are more than the weight determined by weighing are taken from the system via a belt. Afterwards, communication is established between the dough weighing machine and the dough cutting machine, and the dough is corrected to reach the desired weight by giving commands in the form of up and down. In other words, this part is set automatically, and you do not need to intervene. You can reach all the doughs of the desired weight without touching.

If you do not want to send the dough with different weights in the dough weighing machine to the cutting machine and want to do other operations, this is also possible. If the dough you want is returned to you, it is sent to the dough evacuation system and transferred to the funnel of the dough cutting machine with the help of a belt. You can process the dough from here.

Making products of the same weight as the dough weighing machine will allow you to make a profit and obtain products with the same taste and density. For example, according to a calculation made, a bakery that produces 30 thousand bread per day paid the price of the machine within 4 months thanks to the dough weighing machine, and in the following months, it contributed to the profit margin of the business.

Food Baking Machinery

When we look at food baking machinery, we come across ATS Bakery Equipment. Let's look at the food baking machinery and types of ATS Bakery Equipment together. When we enter the page of ATS Bakery Equipment, we see 4 categories in the products section. You can see the first section, which includes food baking machinery; industrial machines, then the ovens section, dough processing and other categories.

Food baking machinery these are hamburger and sandwich bread line, roll bread line, soft dough machine, rotary oven, tube oven, stationary convection oven, rotary convection oven, mini-decker oven, pizza oven with conveyor, dough cutting machine, dough weighing machine, belt type dough turning machine, long shaping machine, movable bowl spiral mixer, lift speed spiral mixer, flour sifting machine, bread slicing machine, planetary mixer, single and double color mosaic cake machine and dough rolling machines.

We know very well the importance of product performance value in food baking machinery. The machines you use must first make you a profit from time and qualified personnel. At this point, although the duration of each machine varies in terms of time, it allows you to get the best performance in the least amount of time. For example, when we look at the single and double color mosaic cake machine, which is one of the food baking machinery, it is a fully automatic machine for medium and large-scale patisseries and bakery products manufacturers.

If we talk briefly about its features; It is very simple to use and can be easily managed by a single person. Since you will obtain all products in the same weight and shape, it will allow you to obtain them without any problems in terms of taste and appearance. You can save the recipe you want in its memory and you can get the product with the same recipe whenever you want. In addition, when you buy the single and double color mosaic paste machine, we also send 9 molds free of charge.

For more detailed information about food baking machinery, you can look at our product introduction articles.

Roll Bread Line

Roll bread line is a machine that will be of great use, especially in bread ovens. Roll bread line machine is the only one in its field in Turkey. Let's see what convenience awaits you when you buy this machine from ATS Bakery Equipment.


The roll bread line machine has a PLC controlled touch screen where you can make general settings. The presence of PLC control helps in finding and solving the source of the malfunction with remote access in case of any problem you may experience. In this way, you can quickly continue your work from where you left off without waiting for technical service.


All working parts of the roll bread line and the beltline can be easily dismantled. In this way, you can remove it whenever you want, clean it, and put it back on. Do not be afraid that the area you will use is hot. The roll bread line machine is not affected by high-temperature changes. When you want to make different types of bread, you do not need to enter the recipe each time, because, with the help of the machine's memory, you can save your recipes and get your bread with the recipe you want whenever you want.


When we look at the cutting section of the roll bread line; The body of the machine is stainless 304 quality chrome nickel metal. You can cut dough between 40-140 grams in the machine. You can cut and roll 11 thousand rolls of bread dough in 1 hour. Since very little flour is used in the cutting process, you get a clean and economic environment.


When we look at the laying section of the roll bread line, it automatically sorts all kinds of dough into the pan of the desired size. In any situation experienced in the section of the pan, for example, if the pans are not where they should be or there is a different problem, the roll bread line stops automatically, and the problem is displayed on the screen. In this way, you will not lose time because you can see the product loss and what the problem is on the screen.


Mini Deck Oven

Mini deck oven, which is one of the ATS Bakery Equipment products, is a product you should examine. Because it is a beautiful product that is both very useful and does not take up a lot of space with its size. Let's look at the features of the mini deck oven. Our oven, which is very ideal for small-volume businesses; is also very ideal for large-scale businesses for cooking products such as pizza, baklava, pies, and cakes.


Automatic and manual options are available on the control panel. When you want, you can increase the number of floors of the mini deck oven. If you wish, you can increase the number of floors up to 5 floors and put a yeast room and a table on the bottom. In this way, you will save the space you use, you do not need to buy a machine with large dimensions.


In the technical specifications of the mini deck oven, you can see the size and number of pans you can put for each layer on the table. Click to see the technical table. Another feature that you may like is that you can adjust the temperature of each floor independently of each other. Mini deck oven, you can operate the floor and ceiling temperatures between 0 and 300 degrees at different temperatures.


Mini deck oven, works at maximum level without heat loss with the help of stones specially produced for cooking. Mini deck oven features include glass doors and a special lighting system so that you can observe the cooked products without opening the lid.


If we look at the mini deck oven options; If you wish, you can get it as a manual or automatic control panel. In addition, you can order a yeast chamber or a coffee table for use in the lower part of the oven.

Bakery Machinery

Bakery Machinery


When we examine the products of bakery machinery, we come across ATS Bakery Equipment. Let's examine the products of ATS together.


When we say bakery machinery, we first need to divide them into types. When you enter the page of ATS Bakery Equipment, you will see 4 sections. These; industrial, bakeries, dough processing and other options. Let's look at the bakery machines inside the pages.


Industrial Bakery Machines


When you click to see industrial machines; Deck Ovens with Automatic Loading System, Hamburger Bread Line & Sandwich Bread Line, Soft Dough Processing Machine, Tray Loading Robot and Roll Bread Line machines are coming out.


Ovens Division Machinery


Let's look at our next option, the ovens section. When ovens are mentioned, you may think of all oven machines. However, ATS Bakery Equipment has separated them according to their functions. When we click on the Ovens button; Rotary Oven, Convection Oven, Rotary Convection Oven (15 Tray), Conveyor Pizza Oven, Bakery Tray, Steam Tube Oven, Rotary Convection Oven, Mini Deck Oven, Tray Trolley.


Dough Processing Machines


In the dough processing section, which is the third section; Dough Divider, Band Rounder, Intermediate Prover, Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixer, Self-Tipping Mixer Lifter, Flour Siever, Water Cooler, Planetary Mixer, Dough Weighing System, Conical Rounder, Long Moulder, Removable Bowl Spiral Mixer, Clima Unit, Bread Slicer and Water Dosing Unit.


Bakery Machines in Other Category


In the content of the last remaining part, we come across 3 more machines. These; Single and Double Color Mosaic Pastry Machine, Dough Rolling Machine and Bread Packing Machine.


For detailed information about our various bakery machinery, you can visit our page and look at the product features, and you can get more information about their functions from the useful information we have written about the machines.


Tray Loading Robot

 Tray Loading Robot


Today, let's examine the tray loading robot, a product of ATS Bakery Equipment. With the help of the automatic loading and unloading system newly developed by ATS Bakery Equipment, the dough coming out of the long shape machine; ensures that it is placed on the pan at equal intervals as single, double, or triple.


Let's look at how the tray loading robot works systematically. Our robot automatically takes the pans from the pan car and starts to spread the dough on the empty pans. Afterwards, the loading process to the pan trolley takes place again. If all pans are full, the pan car is directed to the exit side. During these processes, another empty car is automatically taken to the loading station for filling. If you wish, you can spread the dough on a pan or wooden pallet. You can do both operations at the same time in our tray loading robot. Here it is up to you which one to use or whether to use both at the same time.


If you want to make additions to your dough, equipment is also available for this. For example, you want to sprinkle products such as bran and grains on the pan. Using someone for this process may cause problems in terms of human resources. Instead, you can complete this process with the help of the equipment you will add to the tray loading robot.


You will want to follow these processes. The whole system of the robot works on a touch screen. You can observe all the work done. It is possible to design right or left outlets so that you will not have any difficulties while using the tray loading robot according to the environment you work in and the business you use. For example, we can make it on the side you want according to the direction of your dough processing machine. The system it uses does not harm your pans in any way. Hourly dough capacity is 3300 pieces. With the tray loading robot, you can ensure that your dough goes to the processing machines more quickly and without human beings.


Deck Ovens with Automatic Loading System

Deck Ovens with Automatic Loading System


Deck ovens with automatic loading system, which is a product of ATS Bakery Equipment, is an oven with high-efficiency capacity, produced with the latest technologies, where you can increase the machine park area if you wish, where you can produce without touching. In this article, we will examine the deck ovens with automatic loading systems.


There are two different models of deck ovens with automatic loading system. These are in the form of cyclothymic and tubular heating systems.

Let's first look at the cyclothymic type furnace. Its features are briefly; You can adjust the airflow valves. You can control the cooking systems via the computer, as well as change the airflow of each floor separately. In this way, you get even cooking on all surfaces, regardless of the upper and lower shelves.


Another model, the tubular type of system; You can do the cooking and heating process equally with the pipes that surround each layer.


It transfers energy by dividing the balance of hot air passing through the heat paths in the floor section, with tubular placed on the floor of the furnace. This heat is transferred to the upper parts at the same rate.


Deck ovens with automatic loading system; With its automatic loading and unloading robot, multi-functional cooking, adjustment functions and many different machine options related to dough processing ovens, it is efficient enough to meet your needs, no matter how large your product variety is.


The heat settings in the ovens are extremely important. At this point, since it is an advanced insulation system, it can keep the heat it produces for a long time. This insulation technology allows the oven to adjust the temperature quickly in successive cooking and to obtain a product without any quality difference every time you make it.


The section with the combustion chamber and gas channels is made of extremely fire-resistant bricks. For example, deck ovens with automatic loading system, which is a tube type, transfer equal amounts to all pipes thanks to the heating system in the area where the heating system is so important.


When the pans on the floors are filled and unloaded, the loading doors remain open for a very short time since they are loaded in one go and heat loss is prevented. In this way, you also save energy. The fuels you can use in the energy source are gas and diesel.


Deck ovens with automatic loading systems can be used up to 300 degrees. This will allow you to obtain products safely at both low and high temperatures without any problems. In the loading band part, the dough is automatically taken on the wooden panels. After this stage, the cooked products are transferred to the cooling section over another band or to the next section for stages such as packaging.


If you wish, it can be produced as 3-4-5 and 6 floors. You can control the whole system from a single panel with the help of its functional and colour touch screen. You can load 250 different cooking options into the system memory and observe the entire facility from a single screen, up to three ovens.


In case of any problem, you may experience on the deck ovens with automatic loading system, we immediately intervene in all faults with the help of our software developers. In addition, you can follow the flow from your mobile devices with Android and IOS operating systems wherever you are.


Rotary Oven

Today examine our rotary oven machine, which is a product of ATS Bakery Equipment. This product will benefit you greatly in your business. Rotary oven has been redesigned for our valuable users in terms of efficiency, quality product, homogeneous cooking balance and more energy saving. It is very important that the products you will use in rapidly changing technologies are compatible with the latest technologies, both in terms of savings and to adapt to new developments.


It is possible to produce our rotary oven machine with a touch screen or with a manual button if you wish. Whatever form you, our valued users, want to use, there is no problem in our production.


The rotary oven, which has been renewed with the latest technologies, has been made of stainless steel and its strength has been increased so that it can provide trouble-free service for many years for you users.


You can adjust the airflow channels of the cooking cabinet inside our machine to the degree you want. In this way, you ensure air equality on all surfaces, regardless of upper floors or lower floors, and the temperature is evenly distributed.


One of our other renewed features is our renewed steam system. Plenty of humidity can be provided with the renewed steam system in our rotary oven machine. With the steam system used in the right dimensions, it will satisfy you and your customers in terms of the quality of your products and your customer satisfaction.

When we look at the energy sources of our rotary oven machine, it can work with electricity, gas, or diesel energy sources.

Convection Oven

Convection oven, before I start with the features, I would like to start by talking about the differences between traditional ovens. When we look at traditional ovens, there are controllable or non-controllable models depending on the variety or simplicity of the oven. Simple ovens may have no control other than a timer and on and off controls. A wider variety of oven models are available with timers, temperature controls, special methods for different types of cooking, and automatic shut-off. These may vary depending on the brand and type of oven available.


Traditional ovens provide heat for cooking from below, while newer ones provide heat from above. However, one of the main differences between conventional ovens and convection ovens is the absence of a fan. This is considered one of the biggest differences from convection ovens. Convection ovens have fans that regulate the temperature properly and distribute the heat properly. However, convection ovens are considered the best appliance for cooking and frying.


When we look at the features of the convection oven, which is a product of ATS Bakery Equipment; It is specially designed for the production of small-scale cakes, pastries, sandwiches and bread, especially in patisseries, restaurants, hotels and bakeries. It has 2 types of control panel options, touch and manual. If we look at the fans in the convection oven; Our models with 4 and 5 trays have a single fan, while the model with 8 trays has a double fan. Hot air is delivered equally to every point of the cooking cabinet. Since it has a powerful steam system, you can get the desired amount of steam. You can adjust the airflow as you wish. Because it has adjustable airflow louvres.


Thus, the amount of air sent to the cooking cabinet can be adjusted, and it is possible to provide an equal cooking balance in the upper and lower pans. You set the tray capacity. In our convection oven model, we have models with four, five or eight tray capacities. If we look at the difference between the varieties; We produce only electric in four and five-tray models, and electric and gas in eight-tray models. Unlike equivalent products, we are sent to our customers as standard equipment with a hood over the oven. We continue to design our machines with the latest technologies for the satisfaction of you and your customers.

ATS Bakery Equipment Services

ATS Bakery Equipment brand when we look at us,  we can divide our services into 7 main categories. These; bakery machines production, automatic bread production facilities, turnkey projects, contract manufacturing, after-sales service and spare parts supply, revision machine sales and consultancy.


Let's examine our services together. As ATS Bakery Equipment in the production of bakery machines; For our customers who manufacture bread and cake-like products, we make productions for your small, medium, and large capacity workshops, regardless of the size of their businesses. We produce baking ovens, dough processing machines and some equipment used in the sector by using the latest technology. You can supply all the needs of your business from a single place with the capacity you want. In addition to these, we supply the machines and equipment that are not in our production, as well as the products you want from reliable solution partner companies.


ATS Bakery Equipment, when we look at our automatic bread production facilities; Here, we manufacture automatic pan-arranging robots and automatic loading deck ovens for businesses with large-scale capacities. In this way, our customers have reached high production capacities, the lowest possible cost of production, less manpower and high hygiene standards.


As ATS Bakery Equipment, we do our best to meet all kinds of needs of our customers in turnkey projects. We supply the machinery and equipment you want, which may be required in your business, and present them to you as turnkey projects.


On the contract manufacturing side of ATS Bakery Equipment, we produce for 14 manufacturers, especially in Europe, America, and Asia. We are preferred by large manufacturers because we offer our machines of high quality, which we produce with the latest technologies and in accordance with international standards, at more economical prices than their counterparts.


You may wonder what a revision machine sale is. As ATS Bakery Equipment, we especially overhaul the machines of rotary kilns and dough processing machines and offer them to our customers who are looking for an economical solution. We renew all vital parts of overhauled machines. We do the cleaning and renew the outer coverings when necessary.


We know that the after-sales part is very important to you, our valued customers, and we want you to know that we are with you after the sale. As ATS Bakery Equipment, we provide assembly, spare parts, and after-sales services for the products we produce. In addition to these, we provide spare parts services for machines belonging to Enkomak, which has stopped production since August 2016.


In the consultancy part, we also provide consultancy services to our customers with our years of knowledge and experience. In particular, we support our customers who are new to this sector in terms of the machines they should choose, the interior decorations of their businesses, the workflow plan, marketing activities and raw material supply, and we draw a roadmap together.


To examine our ATS Bakery Equipment products in detail and to get more detailed information about the machines, you can review our page and contact us. Every machine may not work for you, the important thing is to choose the right machine and save time and human resources, while at the same time presenting your hygienic products to your customers.



We represent our experience and knowledge in food processing industry with the bakery equipment and bakery machines that we are selling to our valuable customers. Today, with the 30 different models in the portfolio of bakery and pastry equipment, we become a leading and one of the most trustable manufacturer within our industry. We supply complete production lines as well as medium and small size individual machinery and bakery equipment for global market. Our combination of experience, production line equipped with the latest technology, well-educated and trained human source and the best raw material selections; we assures our customers an efficient start-up, durable bakery machinery and flawless productions. ATS is continuously works for refinement and innovation by using customer feedbacks, market demands and latest technology. Our goal is always develop bakery equipment beyond expectation and to provide solutions which our customers will find us indispensable. We encourage you to have a look at our wide range products presented in the website. Hope to see you as an ATS customer soon.

Check The New Products

We are working hard to supply needing of bakery sector everyday…

We have just completed the production line for hamburger & sandwich & roll & samoline bread line and tested successfully. For more detail about the line please visit

We have also new products for small and medium capacity pizza, lavash and pita bread manufacturers. We have just launched new conveyor pizza oven and dough sheeter machines. For more detail, please visit and 



"E" Economic Series Spiral Mixers

Take a look to our new range "E" series via the our link
The mixers produced without concessioning on quality and powerfull processing but has economic prices and esthetic.




Experienced Technical Team

We are well aware that experienced team workers are a key factor for success in the business. That is why we are trying to work together with such a players and doing our best to involve them in our company. ATS team members has minimum 7 years, maximum 22 years experienced in the sector. By the way we would like thanks the valuable workers who dedicated themselves to develop the business.




Video Records Are Lunched For The Bakeries We Furnished

We are not only showning you catalogue pictures, taking you a tour at the bakeries that using our machines. You can reach video records of the  small, medium or industrial bakeries that using our machines. You can reach the records at




Full Protection For Machines

We are fully protecting the machines against any damage might be happen during the transportation. After the final test of the machines, they are fixed on pallet and covered with two layer of protectors. Machines are also covered with wooden crate to avoid any damage might be caused. For overseas shipment, we are attaching humidity absorbers into crates also. By the protecting our machines like a child, we are guarantee you a good start and a smile on our client`s face. 




New Website Released

New ATS website released. You can find more about our company, products and services we are providing with the newest website. Please do not hesitate to contact with us for your requests, questions and comments.




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