Dough Divider

Dough divider;

Combination of experience, knowledge and latest technology… Dough pieces divide properly with this machine through new designed dividing drum and intake piston without damaging and compressing the dough. Hopper and outside lids are made of stainless steel. Weight adjustment can be set up as manually (hand wheel) or via PLC controlled touch screen.

The machine can be produced with single piston.

Dividing ranges are 50- 200 gr., 100-600 gr. or 250-1000 gr.

Classic dough divider machines consume lots of oil and oil level in the tank must be controlled regularly. If not serious mechanical problems happens and most of the deformations are not repairable. Enkomak designed a new oiling system for the machine. The new system drops the oil for the surface of cylinder and also oiling around of pistons. Classic divider machines consume around 15 lt oil per week in a medium sized bakeries. By the new oiling system, Enkomak divider reduced the consumption for about 2,5 lt per week. Of course more oil saving mean is less production cost. On the other hand Enkomak added an alarm system to the new oiling system. By the way our clients never worry about the oiling level in the tank and prevents any mechanical damage in advance.

Thanks to oil recycling and filtering system that help us to save more food based oil.


* Manuel Dividing Machinery Specifications

Weight adjustment by hand wheel 

The main body is made completely stainless steel

Drum surface chrome plated

Piston slot is made of stainless steel.

Vacuum piston is made of anti-oxidation material.

Closed circuit lubrication system.

70 kg. hopper capacity

Stainless steel lids.

Belt/pulley power transmission system

2 Speed position that adjustable by motor pulley 


* Automatic Divider Machinery Specifications

Weight adjustment by pushbuttons panel

The main body is made completely of stainless steel.

Dough counting screen

Drum surface chrome plated.

Piston slot is made of stainless steel.

Vacuum piston is made of anti-oxidation material.

Closed circuit lubrication system.

70 kg. hopper capacity

Stainless steel lids.

Belt/pulley power transmission system

2 Speed position that adjustable by motor pulley

 Options : 

 Manual, Pushbutton or touchscreen control panel

Teflon coated hopper

Big sized hopper (140 lt dough capacity)

Electronic Speed Control System

Dough Twicing System

Safety Grill On The Hopper

Motorized Flour Dusting System

Dough Twicing System



Conical Rounder

The conical rounder machine is designed with a rotating cone and adjustable spiral shaped corrosion resistant tracks around it. The dough becomes perfectly rounded while moving from bottom to top in the tracks which are adjustable.

The machine is also equipped with a newly designed mechanical flour duster which does not make any noise while working. The standard rounding track is 4.5 meters.

The weight range is from 100 gr. To 600 gr. Electric power 0.55 kw-220/380 V AC.50 Hz. It is also possible to produce 50 gr. To 200 gr. working capacity rounder machine.


Cold - hot air blowing system

Teflon coated cone or tracks

Electronic Speed Control Unit 

Band Rounder

Newly developed band rounder is ideal to round dough pieces in a very compact area. Distance between V type band can be adjustable by a handle and this help us to process very wide range of dough like from 100 to 2000 gr. The machine has electronic speed control system to control rounding time between the bands. By the way perfect rounding is guaranteed.

Intermediate Prover

The intermediate prover works.. After the physical force applied during cutting and rolling processes, the dough arrives to the proving stage for recovery. During the period, the yeast continue to perform and the process helping the bakers to get the best result while forming, then a good looking baked bread.

To prevent falling dough pieces to the floor and run the process in a hygienic environment, sensors are placed at the entrance, so the dough pieces are tranferred into the empty bowls on time. 

Dough pieces are placed into baskets on automatic (turning that depending dough entrance) or manual operation (continious turning) model. The total amount that entered into the prover can be observed on the digital display.

The intermediate prover, producing the prover with double entrance or double exit system is possible as well as front entry back exit (FEBE), or front entry front exit (FEFE).

UV light and steaming device can be added optionally.

Squire shaped plastic baskets are choosen for long term operation period.

The syncronized transmission of dough pieces guaranteed without problems due to teflon-coated transfer panels.

The Entry/ Exit of the dough can be designed in the right or left. The machine contains 88, 152, 176, 240 or 328 pieces basket. 


Uv lamb

Steaming unit

Transport belt at the entrance or exit

Electronic Speed Control Unit

Long Moulder

Long moulder machine is an adequate in moulding for all dough pieces including thin bread and small baguettes.

The machine has four pieces of rollers and pressure board. Plastic removing units had been added on rollers. Pressure board can be arranged and opened easily for cleaning as pushing toward to back at its existing place. Maximum moulding length is 420 mm and dough processing quantity is 2.800 pieces. Arrangement channels of roller and pressure board can be assembled on reverse direction of existing area.


Single or double pressure board

Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixer

Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixer works as silent via belt transmissions of main power.

Spiral kneading machines are commonly preferred by bakery and pastry shops in order to shorten the usual kneading time. Also homogenous dough mixture is obtained thus volume of bread becomes even bigger.

Machine can be worked as manual and automatic cycle with two programmable timers.

The bowl, spiral arm, bar are made of stainless steel. The bowl can be rotated in reverse motion.

It is a mobile machine and the wheels have locking system. Optionally, the temperature measuring unit may be added.

Removable Bowl Spiral Mixer

Removable spiral mixer with removable bowl designed for industrial plants and heavy duty applications.

Excellent kneading and practical usage merged by two speed powerful motor, separated kneading process by two different timers and high power transmission to removable bowl. Moreover long term usage also has been guaranteed by strong chassis.

Head of mixer lifts up automatically at the end of kneading process and allows to remove the bowl by user.

The bowl is fasten to the mixer`s body with a locking system. By the way kneading standardization is always assured.

The other specifications of Enkomak removable bowl mixer are as follow: stainless steel bowl, knife and spiral hook, automatic and manual control, silence in mechanical system and power transfer, mechanical system and security system according to CE standards. Additional bowl and lifting tilting systems are available.  

Self Tipping Mixer Lifter

Thanks to mixer self tipping system that help the bakers to move heavy dough pieces from to mixer to others platform such a workbench or dough divider machines. The lifter designed for small and medium range of bakeries and its more economic and Easy to use  compared with the dough handling system at industrial bakeries.

The system can be produced depending on customer building height and for required dough discharging platform.

Clima Unit

Climator units ensures an optimum and exact humidity and temperature control in existing provers.

Temperature and humidity in the fermentation room can be adjusted automatically by the sensor on climator unit.

The control panel could be fixed outside of the chamber. The weight of the climator unit is 50 Kg and humidity is 60% RH/- 95% RH. Heating temperature is between +20C/ +50 C. Capacity is 10m3/ hour. 



Flour Siever

Flour siever machine is used for airing the flour, sieveing and cleaning. A helezone system move the flour from storage tank for discharging to mixer.The compact designed machine produced by stainless steel. 

The machine is removable and easy to clean. The helezone can be produced to discharge upto 3 mt height. Hourly capacity is 2000 kg. and machine weight is 93 kg. 

Bread Slicer

Bread slicer machine slices the bread equally for 10-13 or 16 mm. The areas which connects to bread are stainless steel. The bread slicer machine stops automatically after slicing process. Easy to move by the wheels. The knives are stainless steel and durable. Machine body is painted and easy to clean.

Water Cooler

Water cooler machine can possible to produce big amount of cold water. The machine regulates the water temperature automatically and keeps it as adjusted by the screen. Inside and outside are stainless steel. The machine can reduce water temperature minimum 1,5 centigrade degrees and defrost the ice if accurse. The security systems alarms against motor errors, gas leakage, and dirty condensator. The system stops the operation immediately and protects cooling motor. Three different capacities are available as 300-600 and 900 lt. Hourly capacity is water +2 centigrade degrees 80 lt-100 lt-120 lt for different capacities as mentioned above.

Water Dosing Unit

Water Dosing Unit is used to dose the water quantity that will be used for dough kneading process. The machine release the required water quantity to the exit and stop automatically. The display shows the water that passed inside of the unit as well as the temperature of water (the machine not able to control water temperature. To do this, please ask ATS 90 model dosing unit). The machine also record daily water quantity to report.

Planetary Mixer

The planet mixer is ideal for the small bakeries, pastry shops, industrial kitchens and hotels for mixing, kneading processes.

Simple to use and safely. The materials were chosen to run the machine for long life time.

Mixer capacities are 10-20-40-60 lt.

Possible to use 40 lt and 60 lt bowls on the same machine

Adjustable bowl height

Bowl and mixing accessories are made of stainless steel.

Scrapers can be installed on the machine on request

Automatic bowl lifter on request

European standard electrical components

24 control panel


We represent our experience and knowledge in food processing industry with the bakery equipment and bakery machines that we are selling to our valuable customers. Today, with the 30 different models in the portfolio of bakery and pastry equipment, we become a leading and one of the most trustable manufacturer within our industry. We supply complete production lines as well as medium and small size individual machinery and bakery equipment for global market. Our combination of experience, production line equipped with the latest technology, well-educated and trained human source and the best raw material selections; we assures our customers an efficient start-up, durable bakery machinery and flawless productions. ATS is continuously works for refinement and innovation by using customer feedbacks, market demands and latest technology. Our goal is always develop bakery equipment beyond expectation and to provide solutions which our customers will find us indispensable. We encourage you to have a look at our wide range products presented in the website. Hope to see you as an ATS customer soon.

Check The New Products

We are working hard to supply needing of bakery sector everyday…

We have just completed the production line for hamburger & sandwich & roll & samoline bread line and tested successfully. For more detail about the line please visit

We have also new products for small and medium capacity pizza, lavash and pita bread manufacturers. We have just launched new conveyor pizza oven and dough sheeter machines. For more detail, please visit and 

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"E" Economic Series Spiral Mixers

Take a look to our new range "E" series via the our link
The mixers produced without concessioning on quality and powerfull processing but has economic prices and esthetic.


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Experienced Technical Team

We are well aware that experienced team workers are a key factor for success in the business. That is why we are trying to work together with such a players and doing our best to involve them in our company. ATS team members has minimum 7 years, maximum 22 years experienced in the sector. By the way we would like thanks the valuable workers who dedicated themselves to develop the business.


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Video Records Are Lunched For The Bakeries We Furnished

We are not only showning you catalogue pictures, taking you a tour at the bakeries that using our machines. You can reach video records of the  small, medium or industrial bakeries that using our machines. You can reach the records at




Full Protection For Machines

We are fully protecting the machines against any damage might be happen during the transportation. After the final test of the machines, they are fixed on pallet and covered with two layer of protectors. Machines are also covered with wooden crate to avoid any damage might be caused. For overseas shipment, we are attaching humidity absorbers into crates also. By the protecting our machines like a child, we are guarantee you a good start and a smile on our client`s face. 


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New Website Released

New ATS website lunched. You can find more information about our company, products and services we are providing with the newest website. Please do not hesitate to contact with us for your requests, questions and comments.


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